Friday, March 27, 2015

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

I recently went on an organizing spree.
It's something that happens every so often,
and I just feel the need to tweak some of my spaces.
This week the pantry and baking cabinets were the victims recipients of the makeovers.
That post will be coming up next week,
along with a major announcement about where we are with our house sale.
Look for a special post next Friday for more details on an idea about how we are marketing our home.
It's pretty eye-opening!

Today we wanted to share some wonderful ideas 
about getting more organized in the kitchen.
They are all practical and easy to do.
Hopefully, you'll find something here that will make your life 
just a bit easier.

This $10 find from Target got a personalized touch with a litte black paint and a favorite recipe.
Get the tutorial at Calico » 

We use crocks for our wooden spoons, whisks and spatulas
right next to the stove where they are needed.
This savvy blogger even added a recipe right to the crock!

Display your utensils with style (but avoid the wrath of falling dust), by placing chic, white pitchers inside a rustic DIY cabinet.
Get the tutorial at Knick of Time »
 Turn an old crate, a frame and some wire into a storage nook.
Adding shelves would make this a great spice rack.

When this family embraced small-space living and moved into a 150-foot camper, they got smart about organizing. A towel bar repurposed as a place to hang spoons and spatulas turns a blank wall into a useful storage spot.
See more at The Noshery »  

A repurposed towel bar and a magnetic strip
helped this family use the vertical space in their camper.

Due to their awkwardly shaped handles, lids can comandeer a cabinet. Get them out of the way by outfitting a drawer with a tension rod that holds them vertically in place.
See more at the Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking »

Look at this clever way of coralling pot lids using a tension rod.

Get plastic wrap and aluminum foil out of the way by stowing them in a well-hidden magazine file.
See more at The Wandmaker's Mother »

I may have to steal this idea from The Wandmaker's Mother.
We currently use one of our drawers for these items,
and I've never been entirely pleased with it.
See her terrific kitchen organization project here.

 There are so many fabulous ideas out there
to get you started on a more organized life.
We have also posted many times about organizing.
Begin with one drawer, one shelf or just one container!
You'll feel accomplished by setting smaller goals.
The good news is that it's contagious,
and soon you'll find yourself wanting to do more.
It's wonderfully rewarding.
And won't your family be impressed
when you can tell them exactly where to find things?

Happy weekend, y'all.

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