Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thrifty Thursday-Lemon Aid

Lemons are one of our favorite things to get from The Hill.
They are pesticide-free and so delicious.
That's not always true of what is found at the grocery store.
With the season being just about over,
we thought we'd share some ideas about
this amazing and versatile fruit.

When we get a bag full of lemons from the farm,
we bring them home and scrub 'em up good.

We have found so many uses for lemons.
Aside from using it for creating yummy things to eat and drink,
they can be used to clean anything from cutting boards to rust stains on clothes.

We've even used them in homeschooling science experiments.

Those with the best-looking skins get zested,
jarred, and the containers are placed in the freezer.

It lasts well over 6  months this way,
but it doesn't usually stick around that long!
We use zest on chicken, fish, and in muffins and sweet breads.

Of course, the juice is squeezed using an old-fashioned metal reamer.
We bottle it and keep it in the freezer until needed.
Lately, I've been using it to add to my water kefir.
It adds a brightness to most any dish.
If you have a garbage disposal, 
grinding the skins up keeps the kitchen smelling fresh.
Naturally, any remnants from your stash of lemons can be composted as well. 

Making the most of what you have is one of the cornerstones of homesteading.
We so appreciate being able to have pesticide-free citrus,
and we don't want to waste a bit of it.

Here are a couple of ways we use Meyer lemons.

Honey lemonade
Watermelon lemonade