Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Maple Hill Hop 74

Maple Hill Hop

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Where in the world did March go?
We were surprised with a wonderfully cool weekend,
with temps in the low 70's during the day.
Perfect weather for our family project.

We painted our house.
It's been on the market off and on for a year,
first with 2 separate realtors,
and for the past week By Owner.
We had planned to paint it anyway,
and figured that it couldn't hurt with the recent upswing in home sales in our neighborhood. 

The transformation seems pretty significant to us.
We never really liked the gray on the house
and the black accents even less.

The subtle colors make it feel somehow more welcoming.
We're so glad we did it and
feel good knowing that whoever buys our home
won't have to paint for quite some time.
One less thing for new buyers to have to think about.

It was a glorious day to take pictures for our ad as well.
Blue sky in the background, no wind, 
the garden lookin' happy, perfect.

On Friday we'll share the new strategy for listing our home.
You know what they say,
"third time's the charm!"

What's goin' on outside where you are?
HOP on!


  1. Hi Daisy---your home looks so inviting. Love the new color scheme. Isn't just a bit of you going to miss it? Well, I know how much you want a country place and I'm sure keeping my fingers crossed that the right person comes along and gets you on your way.
    Your weather sounds PERFECT! Enjoy!
    And Happy Easter.

    1. We are looking for a traditional farmhouse next time. I'd like something with a bit more character. This house has been perfect for us while we were here in suburbia though. Our weather has been great, but we're back to having the A/C on!

  2. Daisy, I think it totally transforms your home. You did such a great job, and you got great pictures on top of it.
    Good luck on round 3 :-) .

  3. Good luck I hope the strategy works! The house looks fantastic, that color really makes it inviting. And it looks nice and warm there, we are still in the stage of 30s one day 50s the next, then snow here and there. I am so ready for weather like yours!

    1. Thank you. We're sending you some sunshine to melt all that snow! ;0D

  4. I like the paint transformation Daisy. I sold Real Estate for years, and can tell you that curb appeal is a great way to grab a buyer's attention. Good luck...I hope you get to the country soon!

    1. Thanks, Lori. We hope that this time we get to make our move!


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