Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

There's a slight coolness to mornings around here as of late.
We've still got lots of things blooming
to get us through the last throes of summer.
Come for a stroll with me.

This sunflower corner is visible from our kitchen
and never hastens to add a bit of cheer to my daily routine.
They share space with the butterfly vine on the trellis.

 The thryallis are enjoying their sunny location on the east side of the house.

The Florida-friendly bulbine is installed in every part of our garden.
Here one brightens up our mailbox area.

This plumbego is not only a feast for the eyes in the blue garden by the front door,
it serves to drink in all the rainwater flowing off the corner of the porch.
Rainbarrels are not allowed in the front of the house in our community,
so we utilize plants to help with runoff.
 By the looks of it, I'd say it's a win-win!

Zinnias remind me of simpler times.
There's something so old-fashioned looking about them.
Lovely simplicity.

The society garlic blooms are a delicate addition to the front bed.
Another Florida-friendly addition, it asks for very little and gives so much.

African Iris buds dry and the seeds fall out,
ensuring that a gardener will always have plenty of these beauties to enjoy.

Someone recently told me that this is an invasive species called a scissor weed.
It doesn't look like any of the pictures I was able to find of that plant.

 With these dainty pink blossoms, it's staying right where it is.
Unless I get confirmation otherwise, I'm assuming it's a keeper.

The frogs have been abundant lately.
Fine by me, they keep the mosquito population down!

Recently a friend moved away and left me with her beautiful orchid collection.
I'm working on finding homes for some of them.

Morning glories soften this succulent area with their sweet heart-shaped leaves.

This Asiatic jasmine is a Florida-friendly groundcover.
It spreads and becomes lush and thick.
We have it planted under our weeping elm out front.

A neighboring friend donated this Porterweed to the blue garden.
It recently started blooming, so I know it's happy!

The morning glories hung in front of the garage are trying to take over!

While the vine on the lamppost is covered in beautiful plum petals.


This weekend we were gifted by this Eastern Black Swallowtail.
It was actually inside our porch screen.
You can read more about our adventures hosting these magnificent creatures  
here and here.

Enjoy the evolution of your day!



  1. Everything looks beautiful, Daisy! It's so cool to see how different your plants are down there than ours up here in the northeast.

  2. Such an incredible variety.....I don't know how you can bear to leave them!
    I've never seen a thryallis before---very pretty. I think if I had to move from that place , I'd end up with a van load just of plants!
    But, I guess this way you can start all over again! How fun. I'm sure the plants where you move to will be completely different. Always interesting to learn about new stuff.

    1. I'm looking forward to discovering and experimenting with natives in NC.


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