Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

The weather here has been fine and dandy for gardening.
Cooler mornings with afternoon showers
keep a gardener quite content.

Here are the shallots at sowing time back in May.

They seemed to be pretty happy in their spot
in the square-foot bed.

By last week they were lookin' mighty ragged.
That was my sign to pull 'em out and see what we got.

They are savored for their subtle onion flavor.

Cleaned up a bit, they look more like their cousins, the scallion.
From the original 6 bulbs planted,
we had enough to share.

Roasted, carmelized or used in soups,
these gems will be treasured in many a dish.

The square-foot garden had been planted with flowers during the summer,
as Central Florida is not conducive to growing much food.

The bees and butterflies especially loved the zinnias.

We managed to snag a few for a bouquet.

The square-foot bed was lookin' mighty sad.
It was time to add some life, so the fall garden was sown.
Beans, beets, carrots, leeks, lettuce, and snap peas were planted.

The best part of this project was putting in the snap peas.
Goodness, I can hardly wait to get my tastebuds around them.

Thyme was added to the herb/butterfly garden.
It's a great addition to chicken, fish, potatoes or roasted veggies.

Ready for those peas to climb.
The past few days have brought rain,
so the seeds should be happy under all that dirt.

Never seen a red bee before.

My friends Faye & Lynn gifted me with this lovely specimen.
I had planted it elsewhere in the garden and nothing happened.

Guess it wasn't the right spot, 
because it came up inside this blue container
with absolutely no prompting from me.
These are moonflowers.

Yes, they bloom at dusk
and have the most appealing aroma.

While we are fast asleep, 
they are gracing the garden with beauty and scent.

Enjoy your time in the autumn garden.


Manic Mother


  1. The shallots look good! I've only cooked with them a few times, but I know they are used for their milder onion flavor. They are a bit expensive at the store around here and I haven't grown them before, so I tend to just use onions. Your flower bouquet is really pretty!

    1. They are more expensive in the store, and with your green thumb, you could easily grow them. Maybe next season?

  2. Those moon flowers are just gorgeous! You have such beautiful things coming from your garden. I need to get my fall garden planted too, especially the peas! :)

    1. Oh yeah, you wanna get those peas goin' for sure! ;0)

  3. I too love sugar snaps. They rarely make it into the house since they are such a convenient and delicious snack while in the garden. The moon flowers are amazing!

    1. I hear ya on that. They are SO sweet and delicious. Glad you enjoyed the moonflowers.


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