Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-Privacy Please

Friends who recently moved
passed on this window tint that wasn't needed.
We'd been wanting to tint our front door for some time,
it's just one of those things that we never got around to.
Last weekend we made the time.

Here's what was used for the task.
The bottle contains homemade soap spray.

There are different shades, 
but they are all good at creating privacy and helping to save on energy costs.
It's relatively inexpensive, 
in case you don't have a neighbor who's getting rid of it!

The first step is to clean the window that will be receiving the tinting.

The window was measured, then we rolled out the film 
and cut it just a big longer than our window measurement.

It was taped to the door.

Using a utility knife,
the excess was trimmed around the edges.
The window on the door is an oval, 
which is a bit more challenging than cutting around a more boxy shape.

The entire window was sprayed with soapy water.
This is the key step that makes the task easier.

The tinting was peeled back and allowed to rest on the soapy window.

Working from the top to the bottom,
the tinting just peels right off the backing.

With a small squeegee, starting at the top and working from the center out,
the air bubbles were pressed out of the material.

Once the tinting adhered to the window surface,
the finish trimming was completed around the edges.
It's a lot easier on a standard window.

What a difference it makes!

One final cleaning was done with the soap spray and squeegee. 
 Great job, Big K!

We are scheduled to receive solar screens on most of our windows soon.
I'll be posting an update about that 
and some other energy saving ideas in the coming weeks.


  1. Pretty! What a difference that makes!

    1. It really keeps those eyes from peeking in! ;0)

  2. It looks really nice! And I bet it works great for adding a little privacy!

    1. We need all the privacy we can get around here!

  3. That looks great! An extra bit of privacy is always nice. :)

  4. I recently did something similar to my front door too. I loved having it uncovered because it let so much light in, but like you privacy was an issue.

    1. We are blessed with a lot of natural light in our house, so it really wasn't an issue. Hope you enjoy your privacy!


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