Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Homemade Living Series

Staci@Life at Cobble Hill Farm
joins me today for our series.

 We acquired this compressor from friends who recently moved.
It worked for them most of the time,
but Big K wanted to see if he could repair it to do what we needed.
He is a master "figure-outer" with stuff like this.
He really blows my mind.

Here it is taken apart.
Big K checked for leaks in the fittings and couplings first,
then realized the problem was internal..
A new gasket was in order.

The items needed for this project are
gasket material, a pen, a straight razor, a craft knife and a hole punch.

The original gasket is carefully scraped off of the cylinder with a straight razor.

 The gasket material is found at an auto parts store.
It comes in a roll for about $6.
This roll contains enough material to make several gaskets.

 The gasket material is cut to the approximate size of the original gasket.

A template is created with the old gasket.

The new gasket is cut out with an Exacto knife.
The holes were created with a single hole punch.

A new gasket will enable the compressor to be used
for years to come.
Gaskets can be made for virtually any application.
Why pay for something that can be so easily made?
 Taking strides toward self-sufficiency is a step in the right direction.

Next week join Jackie, Mary & Tammy
for their Homemade Living ideas.

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  1. How neat! Big K sounds like he is one smart man. I'd have no idea what I was even looking for haha!

  2. It's great having a handy man isn't it ? Great job .. nothing like home/hand made .. always the best ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

    1. Yeah, he saves us so much money because he can figure these things out.

  3. So, not only do you and I have things in common but our spouses do too! My husband seems to know a little about everything - it's amazing. He has always watched people very closely and paid attention to every detail and it sure has paid off. :-)

    1. I'm sure Jay and Big K would get along well. They could talk shop while we work in the garden! Ha! ;0D


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