Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tidings

The saltbush has been teeming
with bees and wasps as of late.

The milkweed's almost stripped.

Sweet potato blooms hiding as the afternoon creeps in.

Zinnias are ready to retire.

A good time to do some seed saving for next spring.

Doesn't this sunflower know that
it's the beginning of November?

This oak has done some serious growing
over the summer and early fall.

Hope your day is filled
with sunshine and lovely memories.
Peace be yours...


  1. And yours, Daisy! Hope your day is magical! Thank you for the lovely morning smile--it's a bright start to my day. :)

  2. love all your pictures - you are so lucky to still have pretty flowers growing this time of year! :)

  3. Kat-Thanks for stopping by!

    Jane-You are SO kind!

    Katy-Yes, we are blessed. Glad you enjoyed the sights.

  4. Oh, I love sweet potato blooms. I didn't grow them this year but I enjoyed them so much last year.

  5. Heather-Yeah, I love the contrast of the chartreuse color.


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