Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Here are some blooms taken this week at Maple Hill.
Thanks to Jean for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday
and allowing us to be part
of such a wonderful group of gardeners.

Here's hoping that Spring comes early
for you northern gardeners.

Continued blessings...


  1. Pretty Pretty!!
    So nice to see you still have so much in bloom.

  2. Tell me, what is that second photo you posted? I just love how delicate the yellow flowers are dropping from the stem.. very nice!

  3. Lovin' all the beautiful yellow blooms! Beautiful photos! Jean

  4. --Daisy, you have an amazing green thumb!

  5. Sue-Yes, we are blessed to have blooms in the cooler months.

    Sandy-It's called rattlebox. I've posted about it a couple of times if you want to use the search box on the blog to find out more.

    Jean-Can't wait until Bloomin' Tuesday comes back to see what y'all are growin' up there!

    Kat-In my dreams...


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