Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Essential Oils

Thanks to Marisa over at Backyard Farming,
I've become interested in exploring essential oils
beyond my past household uses.
I wasn't aware that they could be incorporated
into a wellness regime.
Anything that is noninvasive and doesn't carry
the side effects of conventional medicine
is worth investigating.

She hosted a webinar on some basics,
which peaked my interest.  I need to learn more.
As part of the course,
 a kit was supplied which contained 10 essential oils.
These included peppermint, melaluca, lemon, frankincense,
oregano and lavender.  The kit was also composed of
a few blends for various ailments.
They consisted of treatments for headaches,
respiratory issues, digestion and sleep troubles.
I'd love to incorporate this practice
into our homeopathic approach to wellness.
Looking forward to the next webinar
over at Backyard Farming.

Our library has a couple of books on the subject,
but I'd really love to see a video.
 Learning by doing works best for me, 
but maybe seeing someone else doing
what I want to learn
would be almost as helpful.

I'll keep ya posted!
Be well...

For more information on using essential oils,
read this.


  1. That's so neat, Daisy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just found you via Chiots Run -- I sat in on this webinar too and I am in LOVE. I want to learn so much more about essential oils. I can't wait for the next webinar either :)

  3. Kat-I try to share the good stuff!

    Jane-I'll bet you could repurpose them into something fabulous!

    Allison-I'm right there with ya!


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