Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Countdown Calendar

Here's a fun way to countdown to Christmas
or any other holiday.
You could do the same thing for Valentine's Day,
an upcoming birthday or the start of summer vacation.
We start our countdown on December 1st,
but you could use the 12 days of Christmas
if you haven't got time to get this done before then.

Cut out pictures from magazines or old greeting cards
based on the theme.
Here is a combination of Lil' Guy's favorite things
and Christmas symbols.

Doors, gates and windows will open
to reveal a different picture for each day.

Glue your pictures onto a piece of colored cardstock.
You'll need two sheets of the same size,
one for the top, one for the bottom.
These are 12" X 12" sheets.
I chose blue and white.

Using a craft knife,
cut around the doors, windows and gates
to open in various ways.

Inside each cutout, glue a themed picture
onto a piece of contrasting colored paper.
I just line up my top page (blue) with the bottom (white),
and adhere each themed picture inside of it.
Then glue the sides together.

Each day will bring a new surprise.

Remember to number each opening.
Feel free to decorate or add fancier paper.
This is what I had time to do for my lil' one.

The countdown is on!

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  1. What a creative project to do with little ones. Certainly should help with the pre-Christmas craziness!

  2. great calendar. I made something similar this year for my family. What a great way to celebrate the season!Thanks for sharing on Repurposed Ideas Weekly. I am glad you were able to link up!


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