Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Closet, Organized

We have a guest bedroom in our home. 
It was Lil' Guy's playroom
for a long time.
It's currently being used by my mom,
who has come to live with us
for an indefinite period of time.
It was a good opportunity for us
to complete the last bedroom closet
in our home.

These wire racks came with the house.

They don't offer much in the way of storage.

Two tiers of hanging bars offer so much more room
for a guest's wardrobe.

A side for longer items such as robes, dresses or suits
makes sure there is a place for every type of clothing.
I like using wood hangers,
as it adds uniformity.

Top shelves can house bulky items
such as coolers or luggage.

A basket for soiled linens or garments
gives a homey feeling.

All of the closet systems have now been installed.
It sure makes it easier to stay organized
and gives the room a more finished look.


  1. such a pretty and functional closet! Your mom is so lucky to be able to share your space with you, and be able to spend such quality time with Lil guy!

  2. Well done! Looks very pretty and organized Daisy!
    Your laptopless friend, Kat


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