Saturday, November 19, 2011

Plain Talk

We started purchasing Plainville ground turkey
at our local grocery store.
I don't cook red meat, so the boys eat a lot of
ground chicken and turkey (and some fish).
I wanted to find out more.
Check it out.

I'm not one to advertise (especially on this blog),
but I'm feelin' pretty good about this company.
It's the only humanely-raised turkey around these parts.
I especially like the family with 9 children featured
in the "Meet the Farmer" section
and what the dad has to say about their way of life.
Makes me want to keep supporting what they're doing.


  1. Ground turkey is our "red meat" of choice too. Funny though, I just said to SM that I'd like to consider a beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner. (The last time we ate beef was likely a summer burger.) Beef - So expensive it's only on the plate for special occasions.

  2. I like Plainville as well. I've tried some other brands that just didn't "hit the mark". :-)

  3. I went on their website and tried to see what stores carry their products, but couldn't find it. I would love to try them. I live in Illinois and wonder where I can find it?

  4. Staci-Glad you found something that you can feel good about using!

    Simple Pleasures-I wrote to the company to find out about getting a turkey breast locally for Thanksgiving. They responded the next day. Give it a go!


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