Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thrifty Thursday-Dishwasher Replacement

We've lived in our home for almost 9 years now.
The previous owners had lived in it for 4 months
before they realized that it was too small for their needs.
It was great having an almost-new home to move right in to.

 Nothing to repair, nothing to replace.
Nine years later, the time had come to replace the dishwasher.
It wasn't cleaning properly,
and even though Big K took it apart, 
he couldn't really find anything wrong with it.
Personally, I could live without a dishwasher,
as I enjoy doing dishes by hand.

 He had previously looked into replacing the front panel,
as the buttons had peeled off from regular use.
Unfortunately, it cost about $75,
so we decided it would be more sensible to just replace the whole unit.
With the house going on the market in a few months,
the new owners would get a dishwasher that works and looks better.

The new installation did not go as smoothly as expected.
Even with the water turned off,
this pipe kept spewing water out.
We rigged up this contraption to collect the water.
 Sometimes you just have to think on your feet!

 So glad we had some of these flexible straws laying around.
It did the trick!

We found this dishwasher on Craig's List.
The couple from whom we bought it, were changing their
appliances to black, so we got a good deal.
I really like the stainless interior.

With just a few standard tools and a little bit of patience,
this is a job that most anyone can accomplish themselves. 

Hopefully, this dishwasher will do a good job 
for years to come.


  1. Always a bummer to have to replace something in order to sell, but you guys are fortunate to have the know-how to do the work yourselves. Looks great!
    (I myself have never had a dishwasher--I really do enjoy doing dishes by hand)

    1. Yeah, but at least it's done. It's great living with a handy man! ;0)

  2. I like the stainless steel inside too! I never had a dishwasher until about 6 years ago. I love waking up Monday mornings to clean dishes after loading it up all weekend. (Thats when it usually gets used)

    1. The stainless seems to be a lot cleaner than the one we used to have.

  3. Daisy, it has occurred to me that the life span of appliances today is much shorter that it used to be. The dishwasher in my house when I moved in lasted about 12 years, the next one about 8 years, and who knows how long this one will last. Necessity really is the mother of invention and inventing a work around on the fly is many times required when do it yourself projects are in progress.

    I am one of those people that cleans off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. You might ask why bother with the dishwasher if the dishes are clean when put in the dishwasher. I have a nine year old grandson living with me that spends nine months out of the year at a neighborhood germ incubator called a school and a daughter that lives here too that works at Walgreens where sick people go to get medicine. I use the dishwasher to mostly sanitize the dishes and yes I use the super energy consumption dry cycle as well. Some things are just not worth skimping on when health is concerned. We made it through the last school year with no sick days so it must be working with some degree of success.

    Have a great appliance replacement day.

    1. You're so right. Things just don't last anymore. Continued good health to you and yours!

  4. A few months ago our washing machine broke. It's only 8 years old and almost every part has been replace -some have been replaced several times. In fact I had the model number memorized. We decided it was time to just get a new one. I went to our favorite local appliance store and talked to the owner. He said that these days you are fortunate if your appliances last longer than 5 years! There is only one washing machine on the market that doesn't have a computer inside the panel. That computer will go out in less than 5 years and it will be about $250 to replace. Given that information, we've decided to go with appliances that don't have computers for as long as we can. This throw away culture we live in is very sad to me.

    I like the stainless steel inside of your dishwasher, too. Enjoy!

    1. That sounds like a good plan. Cars are also something that one could work on, but now because of computers, it's not as easy.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I keep meaning to tell you - I love your new header. Hooray for you in replacing your dishwasher! That's amazing that the previous owners moved on to another home so quickly! That's like my last car. We couldn't decide on a car, not wanting to pay for a brand new one but not liking the used cars, then a car was returned that a woman had bought 2 months prior brand new and just couldn't stand it one more minute. She had wanted a small SUV but her husband had talked her out of it so she was back to trade in the 2 month old car and buy a brand new SUV. The car was discounted greatly and came home with me! :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words. ;0)

      Wow, you couldn't ask for a better deal than that, huh? Glad it worked out so well for you.


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