Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 35

Maple Hill Hop

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 We've had steady rain for going on a week now,
and the Calabaza pumpkin plants are lovin' it!
We're trying something new this season 
by growing it vertically on a trellis.

 What do you think of these blooms?

 Another plant is located on the bamboo teepee.
This one's a bit slower to grow.

 Most pumpkins are planted toward the fall season,
as they enjoy the cooler weather.
This variety of pumpkin does well in our hot, humid conditions.

 We've been enjoying a few of the Celebrity tomatoes,
but they are not bearing as much fruit as I had hoped.
I'm thinkin' it's my soil.

 The garlic crop was a huge disappointment.
I'm not sure if it just rotted out with all the rain or what,
but it looks like I'll be buying garlic from the grocery for a while.

 Sweet potatoes are comin' along just fine.
We have them planted in several areas of the garden
and allow them to sprawl.

Our crape myrtles are starting to bloom.
These are a staple here in the south.

The passionflower vine is going gangbusters
with all of the rain.
Here, it covers the rain barrel and then some.
So far, I've only found a couple of gulf fritillary caterpillars on it,
so I'm hoping they invite some friends to enjoy munching this down.

The gloriosa daisy plants are finally starting to bloom.
I discovered this beauty a few years ago
and never plan to be without it in the garden again.
It's so worth the wait.

I can't remember what type of zinnias these are,
but they are my favorite now.
They remind me of firecrackers.
I'll need to go find more seed
and then I can update this post with the variety
so y'all can enjoy them too!

God sure does some amazing work, huh?

I hope you're getting all the rain you need where you are.
What's going on outside in your neck of the woods?

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