Friday, May 2, 2014

Plant Profile-Passionflower Vine

Today we are posting the last of our series on 
Florida-friendly plants.
This beauty is a stunner!

Passionflower Vine

This plant was purchased almost a year ago at Bok Tower,
 a local public garden in nearby Lake Wales.
Here's what it looked like then.

It seems to be quite content covering the rain barrel.
The bonus is that Lil' Guy has a gorgeous display right outside his window.

This carefree plant will treat you to an ongoing exhibit of these eye-catching blooms.

I never cease to be amazed at their intricacy.

Other than the rain water that falls into the rain barrel,
this stunner gets no supplemental watering.

In full sun, there is always an array of prolific blooms
to delight the senses.

The leaves are a favorite of certain types of caterpillars.
There are enough to go around!

Eggs will sometimes be found on the tendrils that wind around themselves
and also cling to anything close by.

The main reason this plant was acquired
was to host these cuties.
The gulf fritillary caterpillar is among one of the favorite visitors.

We are expecting them to arrive any day now.
More butterflies are frequenting our backyard habitat.
We will continue to give them away
and educate people about the life cycle of this astounding creature.

God has gifted us with so much.

Find out more about this extraordinary bloomer here.

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