Monday, June 16, 2014

Farm School Epilogue

Our year at Farm School has come to an end.
The learning will continue, no doubt,
and it's been an amazing process.

I can't thank Faye and Lynn enough for allowing me
to take this crash course in farming.
God really hooked me up.
We were a perfect match from day one.
Being able to share our ventures with those who read these posts
is simply icing on the cake.
Enjoy this look back and let us know what you think.

It all starts with this.
We learned how to make rich, fertile soil.
The health of the soil is really key to any type of planting.
Beginning with an airy mixture allows seeds to get what they need to germinate 
and nurtures the crops once they get going.
With just a few amendments, dirt becomes black gold.

We've worked on growing everything from 
arrugula to tomatoes, 
and featured Lynn's unique style of planting.
Attention to detail is of utmost importance here
and each successful crop shows just that.

Transplanting tips as well as proper fertilization
help to ensure that plants stay healthy and become prolific producers.

A host of Lynnventions stirred my curiosity
and fostered the bent toward thinking outside the box.
Frugality is valued here,
and bodes well with the tasks at hand.

We've been able to enjoy some of the best produce we've ever eaten,
simply because these gardeners work nonstop to make it so.
Being able to help out once a week was a blessing for me,
but Faye and Lynn work at this every day,
sometimes 24 hours a day.
It really helped me appreciate what farmers go through
to bring us the food we eat.

This experience has forever changed me.
With Lynn's guidance,
I have become a confident gardener.
I am more willing to try new things, new ways
and know that if it doesn't work out the way I expect,
there's always another chance to get it right.
Life lessons, these.

Moving forward with our plans to buy acreage,
I have a better vision of what I wish to create.
We may not have a 4,000 square foot container garden,
but rest assured that our property will be used to feed ourselves and others.
Faye and Lynn's endeavors drove home the perspective
that being able to feed others is  
a huge deal.

Witnessing the miracle of farming has been such a gift.
Placing these tiny seeds in some dirt 
and growing food that is delicious, nutritious
and keeps us strong and healthy
just boggles my mind.
With every germinated crop comes another chance
to give thanks and savor the moment.

Knowing that we can be a part of something
that makes the world better is very comforting.
It's been an amazing adventure,
and I am beyond grateful for having had the experience.

I really hope that you've found something valuable 
in the Farm School posts.
It is my intention to keep the good stuff moving.
Please feel free to peruse all of the Farm School posts
found just under our header.

We'll continue to post new things happening on The Hill.
After all, there is plenty more to soak up
and I plan to get 
every last drop.

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  1. A beautiful post, Daisy! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for you guys! I think it's going to be an exciting journey! :)

  2. We're gettin' closer! Always good to see you here, Kat! Hope all is well.

  3. Oh my goodness, it was such a wonderful series!! What invaluable lessons you have learned from 2 generous souls and how fortunate we are that you passed them along to us. Can't wait until you have a big 'ol garden of your own. :) P.S. my loofah plants are growing from the seeds you sent me. I'm so excited!!

    1. It's been a great ride.
      Yay-loofah! Can't wait to see your garden update!


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