Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Element of Love

I'm in love.

This time I mean it.
I've found something that really gets my wheels spinning.
A new addiction that I plan to court the rest of my life.
At least the rest of my driving days.

Meet Ginger.

This is my dream vehicle.

 I've been pining for one of these for a while now.
In fact, before we moved up to Central Florida 9 years ago,
we test drove one just to see how we liked it.
We ended up buying a van because we thought our family was going to grow 
and this baby only seats four.

 What do I love about it?
The look, the color (Lil' Guys' favorite), the reliability of a Honda, 
just enough storage, great gas mileage.  
It's even got a skylight, for cryin' out loud.
What more could a gal ask for?

When I was little, I remember having thought 
how cool suicide doors were.
Now we've got 'em.
So fun!

 We've had a picture of an Element on our vision board
for a few years now and have been actively looking for over a year.
We ended up selling our van, Molly, to a single mom with three kids.  
She really needed something reliable and roomy.  
She flagged us down at a gas station last week and the deal worked out.
It was hard to let her go, 
but I know that good things don't have room to flow into your life unless you can let go.  
God's hand in all of this is evident.

Ginger is 10 years old,
but she might as well be brand new to me.
She was a mess at the dealer's.
We held out for the price we wanted to pay and
a couple of hours later, they called us back and told us she was ours.
I just love her.
She's just the right addition to our family at this time.
We know we'll enjoy her for many years to come.

Big K has now named his blue truck Fred.
The perfect match.

What a blessing.
When we're driving down the road,
it's still like a dream to me.
Welcome to the family, Ginger.

Meet Kale
(Ginger's better half).