Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 33

Maple Hill Hop

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The square-foot garden doesn't have much growing.
I'm thinking of converting the area to more of a flowerbed,
as summer is upon us, and not much grows here in this season.
With the house going back on the market at the end of the summer,
a flowerbed might be more attractive to home buyers.

This was the first time we've grown leeks
and I'll be curious to see how the flavor compares to store bought.

The pumpkin is climbing up the trellis and producing blooms.
Growing pumpkins vertically is a new endeavor.
The seeds for this Calabaza variety came from an organic pumpkin
I had bought a while back from a farmer's market.

Our Old Virgina tomatoes are doing well,
although not gaining in size the way I thought they might.
I had always felt tomatoes were rather intimidating,
so this is the first serious effort to grow this crop.

 We also have one Celebrity variety growing in a pot.

The San Marzano paste tomatoes are looking good.
It's hard to believe that we will have our own Romas 
with which to make homemade gravy!

The White Beauty variety of eggplant hasn't impressed me.
It's slow growing and a couple of them have split
before they could be harvested.

We've had better flavor from the striped purple variety.

The basil is slow-growing, but thankfully,
I'm a patient gardener.
This will be transplanted into the back bed
when it gets a bit more height to it.

The two heat-tolerant lettuce varieties are holding their own.
There should be some ready for harvest soon.
Later I'll experiment with putting some out in the garden
and leave some under the cover of the patio screened porch.

The reseeded dill has germinated.
This is being grown mostly to host 
black swallowtail caterpillars.

They also love parsley and fennel.

That's a bit of what's going on around here.
What's happening in your neck of the woods?

HOP to it!