Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 37

Maple Hill Hop

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 Except for a few leeks,
the veggie garden is being overrun with flowers.
We are grateful that we can enjoy something different
during this sweltering summer.

 The beautyberry is coming back quickly.
These clusters will turn a magenta color
and be enjoyed by visiting birds.

 Zinnias attract butterflies and bees alike.
These are a staple in our summer garden.

The African Iris just keeps on blooming all summer long.

 Someone got caught mid-munch!
So far, the monarch cats have been scarce.
It was great to discover this lil' one enjoying a meal.

The lettuce that was transferred to the back bed
is holding its own.
I've been able to harvest some every few days.
Never thought that lettuce would grow here in summer,
but there it is, folks!
The two varieties are New Red Fire and Red Sails,
and I have to say that the former is a bit heartier.
I'll be adding it to my future summer seed list.

As you can see,
things have slowed down here in Central Florida.
What's happening outside where you are?

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