Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thrifty Thursday-Lean, Clean Washing Machine

We've had our washing machine for going on 9 years now.
We bought this washer/dryer duo when we moved into our house.
They have worked well for us,
and we plan to take them with us when we relocate later in the year.

We maintain our own machines whenever possible
and it seemed like a good idea to clean it out to keep it running well.
After completing this easy task,
we will probably end up doing it once a year from now on.

Some front-loaders have a small panel on the front of the machine,
but ours is inside the main panel.
We referred to our owner's manual to find out how to take it apart.

Big K took out the three screws holding the panel in place.

The first thing we did was wipe down the rubber liner that surrounds the opening.

After pulling it back, we found a potholder wedged in there.
If you're missing socks or other small items,
chances are, you'll find 'em here.

Here's what it looks like without the panel.
The small white tube with the twist-off cover is where we focused our attention next.

As it was loosened, a little water came out of the tube.
We used some rags to soak up the moisture,
and only untwisted it a bit at a time.

If you're eating right now,
you may not want to see what comes next.
Consider yourself warned.

When the cover was taken out of the tube,
this was what we found.
Years of lint, fiber and other debris had encased itself on the interior of the tube.
There was even a broken rubberband,
and jammed deeper inside the tube,
Big K found a fabric nametag that had come off of one of his shirts.
We were amazed that the machine has worked as well as it has
with all that gunk in there.

Here's what the tube looked like after a cleaning.
We just screwed it back in the tube
and replaced the panel.

We also plan to clean behind the machines,
with special attention to the lint hose behind the dryer.
 Taking care of appliances can help them last longer,
saving money, time and aggravation.
Being proactive is always easier, no matter the task.

Ready for the next load!