Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday-New Sink Installation

Happy Spring!
We hope you are enjoying the changing of the season!

Our house has been on the market since October.
We haven't even had anyone come to see it.
No worries.  
We understand that the perfect buyers will find us
when the time is right.
It has given us time to complete one task that needed doin'.

Our kitchen sink needed replacing 
due to the wear and tear of everyday use.

It was scratched and stained to the point
where it wouldn't come clean.
Not too appealing to buyers.

We don't want to put much into updates,
as we most likely wouldn't get our money back when we sell.
We called to see how much it would be for a local handyman to install it.
His estimate was between $200-$250!
Uh, no thanks...we decided to tackle the job ourselves.

We looked for a while at Habitat for Humanity
for a replacement, but couldn't find anything that would fit.
We like to support that organization and recycle used items,
but for this project it just didn't work out that way.

We found a good deal on a new sink and faucet,
so we decided to go ahead and get it done.
Big K is pretty handy,
but we had never attempted something like this before.

We researched sinks and read the customer reviews
before making a final decision.
This one had good reviews 
and the fact that it's a USA-made product made it even easier to choose.

We figured we might as well stay with the white faucet,
so we found one that was reasonably priced.
The store associate said that Moen is one of the better products.
 This model has a pull-out sprayer right on the faucet.
I like that feature.

The first step in taking out the old cast iron sink
was to score the caulking around the entire perimeter.
Big K used a utility knife to do the job.

With the water shut off at the site,
the necessary pipes were removed
and the sink was lifted out.
So far, so good!

The new sink was lowered in place and reconnected down below.
There were only minor adjustments to be made.
Then Big K used clear silicone to seal around the edge of the sink.
We let it sit, unused for 24 hours, to let the sealant set.
We decided to forgo the soap dispenser,
as the old one used to leak.
So we put a cover over the extra hole and called it a day.

So glad that's done.
It sure is nice having a new sink 
and we are taking measures to keep it looking good.
It's even better having a handy man around to conquer these tasks. 

It's a small change,
but we hope the new owners will appreciate it too.

What spring projects do you have going? 


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  1. Spring? What? Where?? LOL! (MORE snow last night. Sigh. Even a die-hard snow lover like me gets tired of it this time of year)

    We recently tackled a faucet replacement in the kitchen as well---though looking at it now, we should have replaced the sink as well. Yours looks terrific. You guys did good and saved a bundle....that's always a great feeling.

  2. Daisy, your new sink looks great. This Spring I have many projects. I too had to replace the kitchen sink faucet. After 40 some years it just started leaking. Imagine that. My purchase was a Moen as well. When I bought the faucet, I told the store helper which one about which one I could buy that would never have to be changed again. He just laughed and stated that he couldn't guarantee that but Moen was a great faucet for the price. Yeah, price. I haven't had the privilege to install a kitchen faucet for probably 20 years or maybe more. The cost has risen just a wee bit. Ok, the price has risen allot. It kind of shocked me to find out that an ordinary plain kitchen faucet would cost over a hundred bucks. I guess I'm still living in the last century.

    The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is only about two miles from my house. It just opened a couple years ago. It's a great place to recycle appliances. I have hauled many things there this last year for friends that are remodeling their houses. I'm always amazed that people will replace good working appliances just because they would like a color change or a different look in the kitchen or bathroom. Maybe it's just because I'm a logical guy but it seems so wasteful financially to remodel because an "Update" is needed. Yeah, I guess it's just another last century thought process.

    Have a great house prep to sell day.

    1. So glad you are donating to Habitat. It's a great organization.

  3. It looks great! I love white cast iron sinks. We have a stainless steel one right now, but we dream of having a farmhouse sink with a big apron on the front :)

    1. This sink is actually acrylic. Hopefully, that will keep it from getting scratched. I want an apron sink in our farmhouse too!

  4. Too bad you couldn't find one at the Habitat for Humanity store - such a great resource, isn't it? Hooray for you and your handyman though!! So happy you found one and it looks great.

    1. Thanks! It is nice having such a handy guy around. ;0)

  5. what a handy husband you have there! It looks very spiffy, and I'm sure it is much more enjoyable to wash dishes in that sink that your husband installed himself than the old one, or a new one installed by someone else! These little details add up, and I'm sure you and the future buyers will enjoy them

  6. It looks great! Our kitchen sink is in need of replacement too. We replaced our bathroom sink and counter this summer. Maybe we can get to the sink soon. Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Hop!

    Please join us again Thursday at:


    1. It feels good to get these things done, doesn't it?


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