Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weatherization Series-Water Heater Installation

Recently, the last facet in the weatherization program of our home was completed.
It all started when we had a home inspection done.
That was featured here.

This time around, 
we were scheduled for some plumbing work.
Mike from Sun City Center Plumbing in Tampa came to do the job.

He and his assistant installed a brand new water heater.
It replaced the tank that came with the house almost 9 years ago.

The energy guide lets us know how much to expect
to pay for its use throughout the year.
As our house is on the market,
we hope it adds to the sales appeal.

Mike also installed new aerators in both bathroom sinks
and a new low-flow shower head.
All of these efforts should decrease our water usage
and save on our monthly bill.
And what a great asset to include in our real estate ad.

The weatherization program is worthwhile
for anyone concerned about conserving resources and saving money.
You can find out about the program here.

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