Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weatherization Series-Water Heater Installation

Recently, the last facet in the weatherization program of our home was completed.
It all started when we had a home inspection done.
That was featured here.

This time around, 
we were scheduled for some plumbing work.
Mike from Sun City Center Plumbing in Tampa came to do the job.

He and his assistant installed a brand new water heater.
It replaced the tank that came with the house almost 9 years ago.

The energy guide lets us know how much to expect
to pay for its use throughout the year.
As our house is on the market,
we hope it adds to the sales appeal.

Mike also installed new aerators in both bathroom sinks
and a new low-flow shower head.
All of these efforts should decrease our water usage
and save on our monthly bill.
And what a great asset to include in our real estate ad.

The weatherization program is worthwhile
for anyone concerned about conserving resources and saving money.
You can find out about the program here.

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  1. Very nice!! The new homeowners will be thrilled you've done all this for them. :)

  2. Daisy, my old house (almost 50 years old) has so many energy leaks that it would cost a fortune to plug them all. I have thought about it from time to time but when I run the math the saving would take at least a couple decades to recoup and by then it would be time to do it again. It seems to be a catch 22 kind of thing to me. I do what I can to keep the major energy hogs down to a minimum but new windows are outlandishly expense so insulated drapes will have to do. Helps in the winter and helps in the summer. Major appliances will have to fail un repairable before they will be upgraded. Same with cars. The new cars may get twice the gas mileage as mine but it will take a decade to overcome the cost of a car payment, increased licensing, and higher insurance rates. I'm just a kind of make do with what I have until I really need to replace it guy.

    Have a great weatherization update day.

    1. This is a program we qualified for so we didn't pay a dime for any of the upgrades they've done. Every state has one, maybe you could apply!

  3. Pretty comprehensive work you've gotten in there! Hope the insulation and heaters do their job for the long haul, and that contingencies are in place for however this may all turn out.

    Levi @ Capital Plumbing


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