Friday, March 28, 2014

Plant Profile-Bulbine

With the commencement of spring,
it seemed like a good time to start a new series.
Every Friday, I'll be profiling one plant
from our Florida-friendly garden.
Some will be adaptable to other climates.
I hope you enjoy and learn something new.

Our chosen plant for this week is bulbine.

This South African native is a great addition to the garden,
as it is drought tolerant and requires very little care.
We have both the yellow and orange varieties.

Best planted in full sun, the heat of summer doesn't seem to bother it one bit.
It blooms profusely most of the year here in Florida.
We use it clustered in front of evergreens to add some contrast of color.

It does well standing alone in the corner of our sidewalk planting.
This vibrant perennial expands over time,
so you never really need to buy another one.
It is easily divided for placement elsewhere in the garden.

The yellow variety also self-seeds,
which makes it easy to pass these along to others.

The dynamic burst of color on this vigorous grower
adds a splash of color, especially to partially shaded beds.

The foliage can stretch out to over 4 feet wide,
so give it room to spread.
The spirited citrine spikes can reach 2 feet tall
and sway in the wind over the lush grassy undergrowth.

The sap found in the leaves can be used to soothe burns and rashes,
much as aloe vera is known to do.

Heat and drought tolerant, cold hardy to 20 degrees,
sun, shade; it is unaffected by the whims of weather.
This charmer is the perfect choice for those who are new to gardening.
Success with this plant is inevitable and could very well create an addiction.
Healthy obsessions certainly have their place.

Want more information about this garden treasure?
Read this.

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