Monday, February 11, 2013

Circle B Bike Tour

Having visited many of the local state parks
over the past two years as part of a family goal,
we decided to take time to become more familiar
with some of our county parks,
especially those with biking trails.
Yesterday we visited the Circle B Bar Reserve 
in Lakeland.


This park is a favorite of nature lovers.
Many species of critters can be found here.
Bring binoculars and a camera and be ready!

Most trails are dirt paths and are utilized 
by bikers and pedestrians alike.

There is plenty of shade to be found,
so even in warmer months, 
it's quite comfortable.

It was a good day for birdwatchers,
as we saw a variety of species.
Looks like we found the lunchtime rush.

Even in winter, 
Mother Nature provides color and beauty.

Several piers are available for fishing and viewing.

I collect otters,
so this sign must have been just for me.

The Discovery Center hosts classes and displays
to learn more about the outdoor spaces
and their inhabitants.

We took a quick peek inside.

The paved roads inside the park do not have 
a designated lane for bikes,
so we were grateful that the park was not too busy.

Swampy areas create the perfect habitat 
for a myriad of critters.

Fish and fish-eating birds frequent the tall grasses
that encompass the lake .

Yeah, that's a real gator.
This one was only about 5 feet long.
In the warmer months,
many more grace the banks along the trails.

It was a cool, dry day 
and we enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.

We saw several blue herons wading 
and hoping a bite to eat would swim by.

Native plant species can be found 
everywhere you look.

Remnants of some flying creature.

Every plant species must be able to survive on 
whatever water Nature provides.
We haven't had a good rain in weeks,
yet this lovely specimen blooms profusely.

Another wonderful day outside
with time to appreciate all that God provides.
We are blessed indeed.
Enjoy your surroundings today 
with those you treasure.


  1. Absolutely one of our favorite spots. Our kids were there biking yesterday and we went hiking there the weekend before. I've since learned it's illegal to pick an orange or grapefruit. LOL Living in Florida and hiking as we do, you'd think I'd know better.

    Great post.


    1. The law is probably the same one that protects state parks. "Take only pictures, leave only footprints." It IS a great place to spend quality time.

  2. Those trails are beautiful and all your photos are just gorgeous! Makes me want to go walk outside :) Although I'm glad we don't have gators here in MO - yikes!

  3. Looks like a great day for the bike ride. I love the pictures of the path through the oaks. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ah, I can't wait for biking season here! You sure saw a lot of wildlife! And the gator too! :)

  5. How wonderful! I especially like the trees in the second photo. Just beautiful. I'm not so sure I'd like the gator.... :)

    1. Thanks, Staci. The gators are a part of life down here...


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