Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tidings-The Barn

My neighbor (and friend) 
was kind enough to escort me to a place 
I've been hearing about for years.
Mostly by her.
Mrs. J and I are so much alike
in the way we think and run our households.
She grew up on a farm
and I'm a farmer wannabe. 
We sometimes question 
if we are related in some way.

 The Barn is an antique shop 
out in the middle of nowhere.
I was grateful for the opportunity 
to spend some time with this sweet lady
and enjoy treasures of old.

It's well worth the 30 minutes trip to Lake Alfred.

Inside the first barn were rooms of English furniture
and accessories brought over by the owners.
We were told that they travel every six weeks
to restock their inventory.

There were quite a variety of furnishings available
as well as more whimsical pieces.

One back room housed an array
 of stained glass windows.

These are taken out of buildings to be repurposed 
here in some lucky buyer's home.

Here's an old wringer.
Love stuff like this...

The tag on this enamel pot
indicated that it was once used for storing bread.
If I had been there to buy,
this would have come home with me.

This display of vintage amber bottles caught my eye.

Outside, garden furnishings could be found.

So many possibilities...

The garden section had a great selection of plants,

garden art,

even hardware to hang your greenery.

It was a beautiful day
and I'm so glad that I got to spend it 
with such a special friend.
She's a keeper.

So's this place...

The Chicken Chick