Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-Aliens in the Garage

 A couple of months ago, 
we started hearing this strange, squealing noise
coming from somewhere in the house.
It took us some time to figure out 
that it was resonating from the garage.
After some research, Big K decided 
the heating element in the electric water heater 
needed replacing.
(How he figures this stuff out is beyond me.)

First step was to shut the breaker off.
The panel on the side of the water heater 
was removed.

A hose was hooked up to the spigot on the bottom 
of the water heater.

The water was drained.

Big K had to borrow a specific socket wrench 
made especially for this job. 
It fits right over the end of the element.

The replacement heating element
cost under $12.00 
and took only about 15 minutes to complete the project.

Here's what the old one looks like after 8 years.
The minerals in the water corrode them after a while.
There are two elements on this water heater,
so they both needed replacing.
No more alien noises 
coming from the garage!
Another job well done Big K!
It sure pays to have a handy man around the house.


  1. Wow, great job! I had no idea there was a part that you need to replace every so often. Thanks for educating me!


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