Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Simple Thing-Think Outside the Box!

One of the great things about getting organized
is the feeling of satisfaction,
knowing that the space being created
will save time, effort and sometimes money.
An added challenge is to use what you already have.
We try to repurpose around here as much as we can.
Keeping an open mind 
and thinking about new possibilities
for existing storage items can be its own reward.
You've heard the expression,
"think outside the box"?
Honey, I LIVE outside the box,
so for me it's not as much of a stretch.

Take this cigar box.
I've had it for years and used it for storing 
some treasured letters
(people used to hand write letters to one another before the internet!).
The box came from my dad's store moons ago.
He had a magazine stand 
that carried a variety of items,
including smoking materials.
Although I've never been a fan of smoking,
these boxes come in handy 
if a sturdy container is needed.

We had been keeping all of our family videos 
in this open shelving.
It worked well, as it was easy to read the titles
and was readily accessible.
The problem with open storage like this
is that dust finds its way into every crevice.
With Lil' Guy's allergies, we try to keep our home
as dust-free as possible.

The cigar box is the perfect solution
since it closes to keep out the dust.
There was more than enough space for our videos.

The tapes are kept in chronological order
to make it easier to locate just what is needed.
Eventually, we'll get around to
modernizing our video storage, 
but for now, this works for us.

Nice to know that inside that sturdy wooden case
is a lifetime of treasured memories.
It makes me smile whenever I walk by it.

One Simple Thing

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  1. I love cigar boxes, too! There's just something so neat about them. Even my dad, who quit smoking many years ago and is strongly against it, has cigar boxes of his own!

    1. I like the way they're made. You need to snag some of your dad's boxes!!!

  2. I love organizing. It's so satisfying. Seriously, cleaning out a drawer or closet is more fun to me than going to a party.

    Your cigar box idea is a really nice improvement! The box is very handsome and has a lot of character.

    1. I'm with you on that, Leslie. Thanks for your kind words. Enjoy your day!


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