Monday, January 3, 2011

Alafia River State Park in Lithia, FL

We started out 2011 on a positive note.  
We paid a visit to Alafia River State Park.
It was fantastic to see all the biking enthusiasts there.  
There are hiking and biking trails galore.  
You can even bring your horse for a ride on special pathways.

The park offers picnic areas, 
a playground for those who don't find the
hikes stimulating enough (imagine that!),
restrooms (one of my requirements) 
and overnight camping.
Admission is only $5 a carload.
What a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day 
doing something good for your body and spirit while spending time with
those who mean the most to you.  
My lil' guy wasn't keen on going, 
as he tends to tire easily, 
but he was excited to discover 
what lurked around each turn 
as we made our way through the woods.  
He inspires me so.  
We are looking forward 
to discovering the many state parks here in our area.
Can't think of a better way to start off a new year!

The start of our journey.

I couldn't help thinking what great mulch those leaves make!

A more adventurous climb.

"Uh, no, you will not stick your hand in there!"

What a lovely day for dining outdoors.