Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barin' My Drawers!

Not those drawers.  
Kitchen drawers. 
One of my focuses for this year 
is to get back to doing some organizing around here. 
It's something I've always enjoyed 
and have even gotten paid to do for others. 
Today I started with just one drawer.  
That's really all it takes.  Just start somewhere.
Any unneeded items will be brought 
to the local "Meals on Wheels" thrift shop.



The cutest lil' lemon squeezer you ever did see,
but it never gets used.  
So, out it goes...

If the house is organized 
before we put it on the market,
it will be more appealing to potential buyers.
They need to feel that their treasures  
will fit in each space with room to spare.

Energy needs room to move around.

It feels good to let things go, 
knowing they will
be of some use to another owner.  
If we don't make room for the new stuff, we get stuck
I believe that keeps us from realizing our dreams. 

Gotta make the dreams feel welcome...

A Bowl Full of Lemons