Saturday, January 1, 2011

Choosing Simplicity

This is it.  
This is the basis of my New Year's resolutions this year.   
As I conscientiously strive to remain open to the lessons in my life,  
all the "right" opportunities show themselves to me. 
The more I read about the simplistic lifestyle, 
the more I realize that it's been my nature all along.  
It just has a name now.  

Keeping things real, doing my best,
and celebrating what I have, here and now. 
So many things just seem to be clicking now that I've made this connection.  It may have taken me 50 years to really trust that I had the answers for my life's questions deep inside me.  
Wisdom has said that we should "go with our gut".  
Truer words were never spoken.  
That inner voice, if shunned or denied, will make itself heard, 
one way or another.  
I guess it just depends on 
how much time you think you have to waste. 

Well, both ears are wide open now and it feels so right. 
There is solace in knowing that you aren't the only person 
who feels so certain about our responsibility 
to take care of this Earth that has been loaned to us. 
Appreciating the most basic of needs being met
is a comforting way to awaken each morning. 
And absolutely knowing that the Universe 
is providing exactly what we need 
brings a peace of mind that can't be shaken. 
Keep it simple.  
Let go.  
Enjoy the journey.