Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday-Giving

One of my favorite things about organizing
is the purging.
It feels good letting go of what is no longer needed.
Some folks accumulate these items and hold yard sales.
That's a great way to go,
especially if you have large ticket items.
We have pared down so much
that most of what we have left
is what we plan to take with us when we move.

So, now when I get the urge to purge,
  items are donated to our local
Meals on Wheels Thrift Store.
The store helps to fund the program
that feeds folks who are homebound
for one reason or another.

Our items used to go to the nearest charity.
After hearing about the thrift store
for this very worthwhile cause,
we decided to bring any unwanted
and gently used items here.
It feels great knowing
that we are doing something
to help seniors in our community.
I hope you'll check out your local
Meals on Wheels program
and do what you can.


  1. What? Did you give up coffee??? OMG. I'd die without it......

  2. HA! ;0) No chance. Just got a new coffee maker.


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