Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pumpkin Center Fundraiser

Last week, I was recovering from the vestiges of a bad cold
that hit our clan.
I was the last to get it, 
and it pretty much laid me out for a week.
Thanks to much rest and not much recreation,
we are all feeling much better.

On Saturday, we celebrated our renewed health with a field trip.
Our local Volunteer Fire Department was having a yard sale
to raise funds for the station.

The entire fleet was out to greet visitors.

Although vendors were told to set up at 6 a.m.,
we didn't roll in until about 8:30.

Some folks were selling used items,
but most vendors were selling arts and crafts.
These birdhouses and benches are made by a local
who recycles scrap wood that he has lying around.

Another bird house creator had a colorful display.
This would be great to put out on the porch for any patriotic holiday.
It's almost too pretty to share with the birds.

This crafter found a new use for clothespins.

In this booth, we found a woodworker
who made all sorts of signage.
We ended up bringing one of these pickup trucks home.

Goat's milk soap and lotion was featured by Kat Paugh Farm.

These kerosene lanterns were a sight.
I could imagine they have gotten quite a bit of use
on cold, wintry nights.

 It was fabulous to be out and about again,
and especially on such a picture-perfect autumn day.
We appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into being a first responder
and we plan to support our local station as much as we can.
I hear tell that this may become a twice yearly event!
We'll be ready!

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