Friday, October 27, 2017

Garden Friday-Catawba Extension Center Demonstration Garden

Since moving to North Carolina,
I've been taking part in the Advanced Gardener Series.
It's similar to the Master Gardener Series,
but fewer hours are required and it's a bit less hands-on.
The Master Gardener classes are always scheduled during daytime hours,
preventing me from participating,
so I was glad to hear about this alternative.
and this Garden Friday finds us visiting their demonstration garden
in Newton.

The demonstration garden acts a classroom
for those learning about horticulture.  
With raised beds and a greenhouse,
students can participate in a variety of gardening tasks.

Flowers entice pollinators to pay a visit to the garden as well.
The pathways between beds are ample enough
to allow for pedestrians and wheelbarrows.

The location of the garden is ideal,
with full sun bathing it throughout the morning hours.

Several varieties of berries could be found.
Each crop bears a sign to identify what's growing in the beds.

In mid-October, when I toured the garden,
the berries were ready for sampling.

The greenhouse was bursting with tomato plants.

I noticed both yellow and red cherry tomatoes still hanging on the vines.

Elsewhere in the garden,  
peppers just waiting to be picked looked vibrant and healthy.

The asparagus bed looked like it had given its all.
Not to worry, a fresh crop will surely appear in springtime.

A large compost area is tucked into a corner of the garden.

This "wall" of rosemary was just stunning!
The wonderful fragrance always reminds me of my momma,
who loved adding it to all kinds of yummy dishes.

What a beautiful place for newbie gardeners to hone their craft.
It will be fun to visit it again and again
with the changing seasons
and see what transformations take place.

No doubt this garden will have its share of companions.

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