Friday, October 6, 2017

Garden Friday

Welcome to Garden Friday!
After a week of not feeling well,
it was fabulous to be able to spend some time outside tending the garden.
Here's what's going on...

The straw bale garden finally got planted.
The conditioning process was not followed as intended,
but I am hoping for the best.
We are in desperate need of rain,
which is supposed to be gracing our area on Sunday.
These bales have been hand-watered so far
and I'm just hoping it was enough to get the decomposition started.

We sowed broccoli, swiss chard and two kinds of kale in the bales.
This is the first time we are trying this method of growing,
so we aren't sure what to expect.
It's exciting to venture into new territory in the garden,
and we know that something good will be gleaned.
Straw bales are a great option for folks who don't have a yard or green space,
because they can even be started on paved surfaces, like driveways.
They also lend themselves to those with physical limitations,
as they are raised up a bit higher than standard gardens.
The hardest part of getting started is getting the bales into place.

 Sugar snap peas have been sown on the ends of all the bales
and we're using recycled baling twine as the trellis on which they can climb.
All the veggies we are growing do well in the colder seasons.
If need be, we can also protect the crops with a row cover system.
Hopefully, the autumn weather will stick around for a good, long while.

The leeks were banked this week.
They are similar to potatoes in that way,
as soil must continue to be added to them as they grow.
This ensures more of the desired white section.

The broccoli is starting to take off.
We have several of these Pacman variety growing.
One thing my boy loves is broccoli!
(Me too!)

The peppers are starting to turn red.
I'm planning to roast them and then freeze them.

The first lettuce picking from the deck garden took place this week.
We have several varieties growing,
as well as some spinach and herbs.
This area may be expanded as the crops have done so well
and it is easy enough to tend them,
being right off the kitchen.
I'm thinking about some sort of raised table on which I can place the buckets,
just so that it is easier to access them.

I'm so pleased with the Slenderette green beans.
They germinated very quickly and began producing within 6 weeks.
There are a few pots of these going,
but we can always make room for more!

 What a glorious sight this was!
The sugar snaps are starting to produce in the containers.
If you've never grown these, you really need to give 'em a go.
There is absolutely nothing like fresh sugar snap peas right off the vine.

 The squirrels were kind enough to leave me a few maters without holes bitten into them.
Remind me to thank them.
These are actually a bit smaller than a tennis ball
and will be roasted.
I will be better prepared to deal with those varmints in the spring.

I'm so grateful that gardening is possible here all season and maybe even into the winter.
I have no idea what it is like to go for months without growing something,
because in Florida, 
one can grow nearly year-round. 
At the very least, I can always start my sprouting back up
so that I have something green to grow.
It'll be an interesting holiday season.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Just be kind.

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