Monday, January 14, 2013

Master Closet, Organized

 It's been an organized frenzy around here lately.
Sometimes I just get that urge to purge
and tweak our storage systems.
One thing about keeping an organized home,
you can always improve on your methods.
The master closet was revisited this weekend.

Clothes had already been donated,
so just a bit of tidying up was in order.
These crafting supplies were moved 
to one of the shelves.

Now two pairs of shoes occupy the space.

 The air mattress kept for (rare) company was resting
on a crate that holds the collection 
of Bookswap books.

They were relocated to the shelves 
directly next to this area.

Shoes that aren't often used go here.
Everyday shoes are kept on a handy shoe rack
next to the front door.

These shelves were rearranged 
to better fit the contents.

This system has adjustable shelves
so that you can customize it to your needs.

Now the air bed and the files for Mimi 
use the space more efficiently.

Here's where the files were,
along with Big K's handheld Sega.
(Don't mind all of his Lego sets.)

The Bookswap crate fits better here.
Most of the Lego kits will be sold,
so the floor will be clear.

Behind one of the closet doors, 
we installed a linen shelf.
This houses the sheets and towels for the master area.
Linens for the other bedrooms 
are kept in a hallway closet.

A few things were added to a half-empty bin.
These clear containers are great to see 
what you have at a glance.

 The shelves are full, but not stuffed.

As this closet doubles as our safe room 
in case of bad storms,
 our emergency kit is kept here, 
along with a flashlight.
With the air bed and an extra blanket, 
all that's needed is to
carry in a few snacks and water.
We have a hand-crank radio 
that will also be stored here.
While hurricane season doesn't start until June 1st,
it's never too early to be prepared.

~I keep this quote hung by my dresses.
It reminds me as I get ready for the day
to enjoy and cherish each moment.~

Purging and organizing are continuous efforts.
When a new and more efficient space is created,
the sense of accomplishment is its own reward.
The time spent organizing saves time in the long run
for doing things more pleasurable.

Lost time is never found again.


A Bowl Full of Lemons
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  1. Looks great! I like that your emergency supplies are at hand and everything looks so neat and organized. I started cleaning out my closet last week clearing out garments I no longer use. Thinning it out has really helped keep it neat. I've worked on it a bit here and there between other tasks but this post has booted me to finish it today. Thanks!

    1. Yay for you! Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge from others. That's what got ME going! ;0)

  2. It looks great! I love how you have your emergency kit in the closet. We really need to work on one of those. I've been meaning to clean out my closet but haven't been in the mood just yet.

  3. I love the feeling of having a clean and organized closet. I just wish I could keep it that way!
    Yours looks great!!!


    1. The key is if you bring something in, something has to go out and you must always have a PLACE to put the new item. It's all supply and demand, basically. Best wishes!

  4. Nothing feels better than an organized closet - and yours looks terrific. Love the idea of the emergency kit there - after all those storms and power outages always seem to happen at night when you're in there anyways!

    1. Everyone should have a safe room in their home in case of storms, no matter what part of the country you're in. Thanks for the kind words.


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