Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Tidings-Fabulous Flywheelers

 With Big K off for a few days,
we had time to visit the Florida Flywheelers.
It's an antique tractor club 
that hosts public events only a few times a year.

Our first stop is usually the fire display.
Lil' Guy is fascinated with all of the old pull stations
and other equipment stored here.
One of the volunteers told us of an upcoming swap
where folks buy, sell and trade fire relics.
We may just have to make the trek to Jacksonville 
to experience it.

 These old fire hoses were one of the treasures 
found in this barn.

Mr. Batcher's barn never fails 
to capture our attention.
No matter how many times we've visited,
we always discover something new.
This talented man has hundreds of toys, 
tools, and moving contraptions 
constructed by his own two hands.

 The attention to detail is nothing short of amazing.

 He also displayed his collection of these engines.

 Seed and feed sacks line his rafters.
The last time we visited
Mr. Batcher's barn was closed.
We were sad to learn that he had
had a stroke a few months back,
so it was good to see him back at work,
tinkering with his many gizmos. 

 On the other side of the park 
is a large flea market area.
There are all kinds of treasures to be found.

 Something for every type of collector can be had here.

I managed to pry myself away from this table, 
difficult as it was.
Lil' Guy found himself some electronics
and most vendors we talked to 
were so encouraging to him
regarding his current obsession passion.

The Flywheeler's events are always a good time.
They fit right in with our simple lifestyle.
It's a wonderful way to spend time together.

You can read more about past Flywheeler's visits here:

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  1. Such cool finds! I love those old feed sacks. So awesome!

    1. I was thinking of all the things that could be made from them. It was a good time...

  2. Did you bring a ladder to get those feed sacks? I know I would have been tempted!!

  3. That ferris wheel is fantastic- what a great event. I love flea market finds too.


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