Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

We've had unseasonably warm temps in the last week.
Most folks would be happy to have days 
in the 70's, even 80's.
Although it's great not to have to deal with blizzards,
snowstorms and weather-related blackouts,
cooler temperatures would be welcome.
After all, it is winter.
I do appreciate the color we still have.
Hope you enjoy a stroll through our garden.

 gerbera daisy

mystery plant



 flax lily









 acorn mulch

This coffee can used to reside in our freezer 
as a compost pail.

It's been repurposed.

Sunday night's sunset...

was amazing.

Hope you are enjoying the spectacular world 
around you.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your garden is lovely and so colorful! The sunset is just gorgeous.

  2. Yes, God does some amazing work, huh? ;0)

  3. Be careful what you wish for - colder temperatures would bring an end to this gorgeous show of colour. A rare treat for this Canadian gardener.

  4. We have had unseasonably warmer weather almost all of last winter and a good chunk of this winter so far. I'm not exactly a snow lover, but I was happy to see it today if only to control the bug/snake/other nasty things population which is getting really out of hand. Your pics are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! What a great point about curbing the bugs. Hope it's not too chilly for you!

  5. We had a sunset yesterday that looked just like yours, could almost be the same picture..however we are very cold and snowbound right now. Your flowers make me think of the spring to come.

    1. I like being able to provide some color for my northern friends who are doing just that.

  6. Well our weather has been, in general, warmer as well....although I'm talking 30's. :) The temp's are dropping for the rest of the week though. Time for more bundling up and putting the tea kettle on!

    1. Sounds like a good time to do some garden planning!

  7. Wow! Beautiful! I really needed to see some color. Got 8 inches of snow today.
    The acorn mulch is a great idea!1 I use apples from the nearby trees in the fall, if the deer do not get them first.
    Wish you could email me a "Flower A Day."
    Come visit my Vermont herd when you have a chance: www.tailgait.blogspot.com

    Happy New Year!

    1. You can visit the gallery by clicking on the tab at the menu bar if you ever need a flower fix! Thanks for the invite! Enjoy this beautiful day!

  8. Very nice Daisy. Love the coffee can!


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