Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

We've had quite a few dreary days of late.
No complaints from me though.
I love those days when the weather is dismal
because it's just the excuse I need 
to bake something or start an indoor project.
Plenty of those going on that I'll be sharing soon.

On a recent day when the sun actually showed itself,
a few photos were taken.
Here's winter in Central Florida.

The blue skies were appreciated,
although they didn't stay around for long.

Sweet ladybugs run rampant around here!
Guess this cutie found a nice place to get some sun.

The bulbine adds a nice pop of color 
to the backyard bed.

After Halloween, 
we place our jack-o-lanterns in the rear bed.
Guess this one decided to make a comeback!

The African Iris don't mind the cooler weather and lack of sunshine.

Some of the greenery used to decorate 
for the holidays gets placed back here too 
for the birds to use as shelter.

Hope you have some sunshine comin' your way!


  1. Lovely photos! We have sunshine here, but it is cold and snow is still on the ground! Can't wait to see green around here again!

    1. Thanks! Glad we could bring you a bit of greenery!

  2. Beautiful! And such a treat for the eyes. All we have around here is brown, brown, and a little green. :)

  3. The photos are just beautiful and I have to tell you - I love the colors on your blog and the header!! So cheery. :)


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