Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who Needs Another Gadget?

As someone who believes less is more,
I couldn't justify going out and buying
something to aide in preparing one of my favorite things-salad.
In steps practicality...

 This is the amazing, all-purpose, easy-to-use
(with a 10-year guarantee no less)
salad spinner.

 Freshly washed salad leaves go in, dirt comes off.
Simply rinse your favorite salad greens,
place them in the salad bag,
go outside and spin, spin, spin!

We not only guarantee that you'll get the
freshest, cleanest salad of your life,
you'll be improving your overall health
by exercising those rotator cuffs.

Now, go out and pick up some lovely greens
and get yourself a salad spinner.
You'll be glad you did.

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  1. And if you spin over your veggies/plants you'll be watering them. Ha. Love my salads, too.

  2. Very funny. I am so lazy I don't even worry about the water left on the lettuce.

  3. Dani-Easy is good!

    Sue-I don't know about clever, but it works!

    Meems-You're a real multitasker, aren't you? ;0)

    Jane-Somehow, I don't think of you as lazy...

  4. That is sooo funny! I will try that!

  5. Love it! Brilliant idea. The only thing I had thought of to use these bags for so far (besides storing my own garlic) was as pot scrubbers. Going to try out your salad spinner method. Thanks.


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