Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paperback Swap

Is reading one of your passions? 
Do you love to get cozy with a novel on a rainy day? 
How 'bout learning all you can about one of your hobbies? 
Books are amazing
They transport us to other worlds,
help us understand the past, keep us grounded,
hold us firm to our ideals and teach us things we never thought we could learn.
We read a ton around here. 
The local library knows our family quite well. 


In simplifying my life this past year, I've given away
many of the books I had been holding onto for years. 
I just don't find the need to hang on to things that are available through my library.  That being said,
I wanted to share a wonderful resource
that we've been using for a couple of years now. 
 It's called Paperback Bookswap
Here's how it works.

~Go to the website and register your name. 
~List 10 books that you'd be willing to swap.  (This means that you'll be sending them to someone, and not getting them back.) 
~When someone requests a book from you, you are notified where to send it. 
~You pay for postage (media mail price) and off it goes to make someone else very happy.
~When you desire a book, browse the books available  by name, author or subject. 
~Choose books to be sent to you.
~You will be notified when the book is on its way.

It couldn't be easier.  We've gotten so many choice books this way, some that would have cost up to $50 or more.
Most of them have been in pristine condition.
All kinds of books are available, not just paperbacks. 
There are audio books, textbooks, and hardcovers.
It's a great resource for collectors, or for folks
like myself who want to hang on to only
the bare necessities.  You can even swap books,
read them, and then relist them.

*It's like a smile in your mailbox!*


  1. Thanks for the link, Daisy. I'll have to check it out!

  2. I love using Paperback Swap. I've gotten lots of literature type books for my kids off there. Right now I'm sitting on lots of credit hoping that some audios on my wish list come available before Christmast. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We have quite a few credits too. Hoping for some of Lil' Guy's Lego books to come up.


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