Thursday, September 30, 2010

October is upon us!

Yes, ma'am! We have our first pumpkin! I had all but lost hope that I would get any fruit, as I've been watching these amazingly large and colorful yellow-orange blooms all over the vine and not one forming bulb. Some of the vines haven't looked too good lately either. Such a puzzle, these creatures. My research told me that too much fertilizing can cause excessive flowers without fruit. No more food for these babies, at least for now. It'll be fun to watch it grow and change color. Hope we get some more! We've got pumpkins to carve!


  1. Hi Daisy,
    Yay for October. I'm sitting on my back porch this evening and it is quite comfortable with no humidity. Ahhhh....

    So happy for you ~~~ you've got pumpkins! I've got pumpkin seeds. I've wanted to plant them for two years but I know I don't have a sprawling space for them.

    I look forward to seeing how yours end up. Growing is always fun isn't it? It's hard to know why or why not some things happen in the garden.


  2. Hi Meems. Well, technically, I've got 1 pumpkin (so far).

    I guess that's one of the good things about starting out, I have room for a vining plant like that.

    I love all I'm learning in the garden. I've got a lot more to learn though. Thanks for your well wishes.
    Enjoy the coolness...

  3. Hi Daisy...How exciting! Do long do you think it will take it to turn orange? And, when did you plant it? Keep us posted.

  4. Hi Susan. I posted about planting the seeds in July. They are 100-day pumpkins, so they are supposed to be ready around the end of the month. I will keep you posted!


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