Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Texture

 Anyone who knows me, knows I love colorful blooms. 
But one thing that I've noticed as my passion for gardening has grown, 
is my affinity for texture. 
I am amazed at
the variety of shapes and contrasting tactile surfaces 
that abound in the plant world. 
My garden is small, and maybe why it seems more noticeable. God has provided us with so many different and wonderful plant species. 
The more I see, the more I want to know...


  1. Daisy,
    You've got great forms and textures in this post and the next. I am SO IN LOVE with variety of leaf shape, texture, color contrast... even more than flowers I think. Well, I do love flowers too. But the sturdy, reliable plants have my deepest affections.

  2. Thanks. I think the texture really brings out the best in each specimen. I so love looking at your oak trees. I'm a tree nut!


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