Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday-Bamboo fence

This butterfly vine was growing like gangbusters
on a bamboo tepee.


It started blooming again recently.
I think it gets its name because the shape of the dried blooms
resemble the flying beauties, not because it attracts them.

Recent winds toppled it
so I rethought its position.
This blue tub houses my attempt at composting,
but I really wanted to have a designated compost pile,
away from the eyes of the HOA.

The tepee was taken apart and with some remaining
bamboo not being used, this wall was created.

The twine is repurposed from our bales of pine straw mulch.

The vines wind easily around the stakes.

Blooms peek out and keep right on poppin'!

Along with creating a bit of privacy on this end of the yard,
the tepee's previous location
will contain the new compost pile.
There's always another project...

Have a lovely bloomin' day!


  1. visiting from Bloomin' Tuesday. Love your bamboo fencing. We saw a lot of this type of fencing in Williamburg when we were there last spring! I love the natural look of that kind of fencing!

  2. Great combination of function & beauty! That is a great viney plant - with very pretty flowers!

  3. Pretty flower!! Pretty smart 'new' set up too:)

  4. Popping over from Bloomin' Tuesday. Very clever arrangement for your compost...and a pretty one, too!

  5. Pretty flowers! Love the neat bamboo fencing!

  6. Great idea! I've never seen butterfly vine. Beautiful broght yellow blooms. Jean

  7. Suzanne-That's one of my dream destinations. Thanks for visiting!


    Carla-We try to make things work in our own way around here...

    Deb-Thanks for stoppin' by.

    Darla-Thanks, me too!

    Jean-They are around most of the year. Thanks for hosting!


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