Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best Birthday Ever!

We spent the day at Crowders Mountain State Park 
near Gastonia, North Carolina. 
What a wonderful way to spend my 50th birthday!

It was overcast and we met only a few other 
hikers on the trails. 
It's so soothing to hear wild birds in their native habitat 
enjoying the beauty that God has created.

We climbed one of the more strenuous (according to our guide) trails, which was less than 2 miles long. 
I could've walked all day, but alas, 
my lil' guy has a harder time with physical demands.

The lush greenery all around us was outstanding. 
I can imagine it would take years to discover just how many plant species lie in wait. An array of hues and textures 
were displayed over varying terrain. 
It took us about an hour to make it to trail's end.

We ended our visit with a picnic lunch by the lakefront.
It was as if we had the whole park to ourselves.
I can't think of a better way 
to begin this next segment of my life. 
Being in nature feels so right, so centering. 
The bounty of God's gifts are all around us,
 if we just take the time to appreciate them.

We are enjoying getting familiar
with the state parks of North Carolina.

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