Monday, August 16, 2010

Appreciating each step


It's good to see green again. We're here in North Carolina where it actually rains on a regular basis. The plant life responds in an abundance of color and freshness. Every morning I take my morning walk through pathways of varying hues and textures. Last night I spotted lightning bugs, a thrill-seeking adventure I experienced as a kid. I even came upon a small turtle, making its way down a walkway. 

As far as planned communities go, they are not my cup of tea, but this development has taken extra measures to ensure its residents have lots of sprawling space. Walking trails wind for miles with plenty of wildlife and foliage to make the journey not only interesting, but educational. I'm getting ideas to take back home with me about companion plants and attracting more of nature to my home garden. It's inspiring, to say the least. 

Today we're heading north to celebrate my 50th year. We will be going to Crowder's State Park near Gastonia. I need to be around trees, real trees. I'm not a palm tree kinda gal. I like the tall oaks and maples, the evergreens that seem to swallow you up with their very presence. Yes, it feels right to be here in North Carolina as the next 50 years comes up to greet me. I'm living a blessed life...

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