Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I Miss Mayberry..."

Another place we visited on our trip was Mt. Airy, North Carolina. 

We've been wanting to see this place as we are big fans of The Andy Griffith Show. 
We saw Andy's childhood home, squad cars like the ones used in the show and Wally's filling station. 

The Blue Bird Diner is still there, although I'm sure Juanita has long since retired. 
The folks who live and work there seem happy to see visitors. Thelma Lou was even signing autographs at the Andy Griffith museum the day we were there! 

One of the reasons why that show appeals to me so much is that times seemed to be simpler. The milkman delivered your order and put your glass bottles of milk on the back porch, kids walked to school and played outside most of the day and neighbors knew each other like family. 

I love the Rascal Flatts song:
"I miss Mayberry, sittin' on the porch drinkin' ice cold cherry Coke,
Where everything was black and white.
Pickin' on a six-string
Where people pass by and you call 'em by their first name.
Watchin' the clouds roll by,