Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mmmmmmmmmm, fresh bread!


Is there anything in this world better than the smell of bread baking in your home? I was blessed to receive a one-on-one tutorial from a friend who is an esteemed chef. It was one of the highlights of my recent vacation. 
This bread is foolproof. How do I know? Because I've made it several times now, and it's always tasted delicious! The chef even helped me adapt it to a gluten-free version for my carb-lovin' boy. (Gee, wonder where he gets that?) There will no doubt be many explorations of flavors to the original recipe, but for now, I get to enjoy making homemade bread every Sunday morning. It takes me back to my childhood, as my mom always baked bread for us when she had the time.
Can't think of a nicer way to start the week!