Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two casualties from our recent vacation. Either they didn't get sprayed with the sprinklers, or they were just fried in the sun. I'm still gonna try to save 'em though. I cut the maple way back to where I found green. I'll use the dried leaves in the garden to enrich the soil. I just snipped the top of the avocado and stripped some of the bottom leaves. I grew it from seed, so I have a vested interest in saving it. Just in case, I've got another pit started in water. After all, you can never have enough avocados!

Not everything looked as pitiful as those two
trees. I cleaned up the smiling trellis by the
back rain barrel and butterfly garden. My
neighbor was concerned that it was blocking
the view from the inside. I've enjoyed watching
tree frogs from my boy's bedroom window.

The zinnias are still prolific. I trimmed up
some thyryallis to add to this speckled pitcher.

It's such a wonderful feeling growing your own
flowers to make arrangements with. A feast
for the eyes and comfort for the spirit.