Thursday, June 27, 2019

Laundry Made Fun

A couple of weeks ago,
I was scanning some local ads on Next Door,
which is similar to Craig's List,
except that it contains items relevant to your immediate area.
It's fun once in a while to see what bargains might be out there,
or things that people are giving away that we might be able to repurpose.
It was quite surprising to find a patio set listed for $40,
so we went to see it and ended up purchasing it.
It looks brand new, 
and although I wasn't really thinking about buying deck furniture,
this just fell into our lap.
What does that have to do with laundry, you ask?
Bear with me...

 Well, one of the items on my wanna have list,
was a clothesline.
I had one in Florida, even though our HOA tried to keep us from having one.
(It's against the law to prohibit clotheslines.)
Until now, I've been making do here with one large drying rack,
setting it out on the deck to dry my clothes and linens.
Big K and I talked about how we could make a clothesline work out there,
so that I didn't have to go up and down the steps with a heavy basket of wet clothes.
We stumbled upon this folding clothesline.

One of the most appealing things about it
is the lack of packaging that came with it.
This paper, cardboard box and plastic wrapping paper
are all recyclable.  
How refreshing to have a minimal amount of packaging.

 Contained in the package is this spike which the user
can pound into the ground,
thereby eliminating the need for concrete.
It even comes with a rubber cap to place over the top
when the clothesline is removed for storage.
This prevents critters, dirt or rainwater from getting inside.
The spike just happens to fit in the grooves of our deck.

 The table and chairs I mentioned earlier?
The pole for the clothesline fits perfectly in the hole of the glass table.
Now I can use the clothesline right on the deck,
which is directly off the kitchen.
No need to rig something up or come up with some new idea 
about how to make it work in our application.
Don't you just love when things come together effortlessly?

The clothesline is retractable, so you can store it elsewhere
or purchase a vinyl cover if you'd rather leave it up.

 Another feature I love about this clothesline,
(or rotary dryer, as it's called by the company),
are the notched arms where hangers can be placed
to dry dresses, shirts or sweaters.

 There is plenty of room for a full load,
maybe even two at the same time.
This clothesline is the perfect addition to our homestead.
It makes me look forward to laundry day!

(I'm not compensated by this company,
I just like to keep the good stuff moving.)
where you can find out more about this amazing product.


  1. There's nothing like laundry dried by sunshine and breezes. A great find!

  2. I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by!


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